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Dear over-charged, under-appreciated, contract-loathing mobile phone customers.

Yes. You read that headline correctly.

And by “over-charged, under-appreciated, contract-loathing mobile phone customers” we mean a majority of all mobile customers in Canada.

On average, Canadians pay more than twice as much per minute than US
mobile customers.*

Obviously this is something none of you are very happy about. But your collective grumblings haven’t gone unheard. Over the past two years we at WIND Mobile have built our business by listening to your issues and then (surprisingly enough) adapting our offerings to meet your needs.

• That means getting a $0 phone without being shackled to a painful
3-year term contract.

• That means knowing the distances between Canadians seem shorter
if there are no long distance charges to pay on our network.

• That means we understand that the way to keep customers with us
is not through restrictive contracts, but by offering fair pricing and
transparent billing.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have already turned to WIND. And with each new customer we get the opportunity to listen to a new voice of change.

So join us as together we create the plans, the services and the pricing
that you deserve.

Because that’s the power of WIND.
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