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Father Interviewer Classy Conversational Genuine Mature Motivational Narrator Smooth Strong North American

English (North American)

Let it not be said that men are not versatile. I'm Brian Higman and I decided to reshine my vocal light with new batteries so to speak. I was an On Air DJ in the 80's but life seems to get in the way and I soon joined the mainstream America and settled for the "normal life". Now in my 40's, I am able to understand that normal is as normal does. My creativity chest is a projection of growing up living abroad as a Navy brat, from Arctic Alaska to Southern Spain, and to being a father myself. Raised on American TV and the Puget Sound Radio scene, I am always tuning in to anything I could stuff in my ears. I love the Freak of Frequency, it never ceases to amaze me. I also write too. Give me a try! Let's take your script to the level it deserves. Thank You!

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