How Do I Hire Someone?

How do I award the job on

Hiring a Professional Voice Talent

In order to launch our secure Escrow payment service called SurePay, you must first award the job to a selected talent. The following are steps that will walk you through awarding the job through your account. If you are hiring more than one talent for the same job posting then you complete these steps for one talent and then repeat for additional talent.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to your job and view the responses
  3. Locate the talent's audition response
  4. Click on the Award Job button beside the voice talent's name
  5. Enter in your payment information

Awarding The Job

As you see, you can hire a voice talent once you have a job posting and the talent has replied.  Then to actually hire them, you start by clicking “Award Job” on the talents audition response. After you click the “Award Job” button, you’ll land on a screen that presents you with a credit card form where we will ask for a deposit by credit card so the talent can start the work.

Finalizing The Agreement

If you have any special instructions regarding technical requirements, artistic direction or you need to upload your final script, you will have the opportunity to provide the Agreement for the job after you’ve awarded the project and made a deposit into SurePay Escrow.

Notifying The Voice Talent You Hired Them

The talent will be sent an email requesting that they confirm acceptance of your job. Once they've accepted the job, the voice talent will start recording your script and will upload your files back to once they are complete.

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