How Do I Invite More Talent To My Job?

Inviting Talent To Audition for a Voice Over Job

When a job is posted publicly at only our paid subscribers are notified of the project and are able to submit a response. This could mean that if you're seeking something very specific the number of responses could be limited due to the number of paid subscribers possibly being lower.

You can however, invite other members to reply to the posting. We host over 100,000 talent listed at however many of them can only reply to a project when they have been invited to do so.

How do I invite talent to reply to my project?

  1. Make sure you're logged in.
  2. Visit our Search Engine at
  3. Enter in your search criteria - language, gender and even skill set (recording category)
  4. Results will be displayed of talent who match your search settings.
  5. Click on Request Quote to invite talent to reply to your job posting.
  6. When you click Request Quote it will bring you to a screen asking which job you wish to invite the talent to. Select the Job and click Invite.
  7. The talent will be sent an email with a link to reply to the job. When they respond, they will appear in your Invited list within your Responses.

Tip: Talent closer to the end of your search results are our Guest subscribers. Members closer to the top of the results are normally paid subscribers that would automatically be notified of your project.

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