How Do I Manage Files?

Audio Files for Completed Work

Managing Uploaded Files Related to a Job

When it comes to files uploaded to a job posting or through a project being managed through the SurePay Escrow service, we host the files permanently. This means you can return over and over again to download the files and you won't need to worry about losing them on your own computer.

Accepting Files

To review, download and accept a file uploaded through for a project initiated through our SurePay system please do the following:

  1. Visit and login
  2. Click on the Working button under Jobs
  3. Click on the Job Posting for the job you're working on
  4. Click on the Files link or navigate to the Files tab
  5. Click to listen to the audio, right click the link to download the files to your computer
  6. If the file is acceptable then click Accept
  7. Once you are ready to release payment click on the Payments tab and click Release Payment
  8. Remember to leave Feedback

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