How Do I Make A Payment For a Voice Talent?

How to make a payment by credit card?


SurePay is the escrow service that lets you make payment securely online. Your payment is held in a neutral bank account, also known as an escrow account, where we hold the funds until you are satisfied with the work completed by the voice talent.

Negotiating Final Price

Once you've negotiated with a selected talent you will submit a deposit linked to a job ID. The deposit is for the full amount as displayed in the "Payment Details" of the agreement between you and the voice over talent. You are prompted to send the deposit amount to's secure escrow account. This is a neutral bank account that will hold money in trust until a job is completed.

Email Notification

As soon as receives your deposit, the voice talent you are working with is notified that they "Have New Funds" being held in trust and are asked to confirm acceptance of the payment and to start recording. Only after you click on "Release Payment" after receiving your audio files is the money released to the talent on one of our regular scheduled payment dates.

All Inclusive Quote

The client's deposit includes the payment of a 10% fee to cover the complete billing and payment process, including banking charges

Strongly Recommended

Paying through and our SurePay service is highly recommended because we protect your payment and only release funds once you're happy with the work. In the unlikely situation where there is a mis-communication, we can intervene and assist in completing the project on time and within your budget.

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