Can I manage my Inbox from the Android App?

Managing Your Messages From Your Android

You can access all your previous messages and reply through your Inbox via the app on your Android device. 

To access your messages tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of your screen and then tap the Messages icon.
The list of the messages in your Inbox will be organized with the most recently received messages on top. New messages are indicated by a green ribbon with a gold star-burst. If you already opened a message, there will be no ribbon and star-burst icon. 
From the Inbox, simply tap the subject line to see the full message. On the message details screen, you can see:
  • The sender
  • The date the message was sent
  • The entire message by scrolling up and down the screen
  • "Reply" to the message
  • "Mark As Unread" so you can go back later
  • "Go To Job" to take you to the job referenced by the message. 

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