Can I post a job for union voice over talent?

Using your login, you have the ability to post jobs to talent agencies representing the most acclaimed union voice actors in the world.

To enable union job posting on your account:
  • Login to your
  • Click on Post a Job from the top navigation of any page
  • Click the Access Agencies button located under the heading "Do you require SAG-AFTRA talent hired through a talent agency?"
  • Click Update Account Settings to enable the union job posting option 
From now on, the Union job type option will appear at the top of the job posting page. 

Union Voice Over Talent Rates

When you post a union over job, you are connected with top talent agents who will then provide you with voice actors and SAG-AFTRA voice over rates quoted specifically for your project. 

Is There a Fee for Union Jobs?

Posting a union job on is free. All talent fees for union jobs are negotiated and paid via the talent agency selected. 

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