How Do I Find and Post Jobs for Union Talent?

With your account, you can search for union talent, post union jobs, and connect with high-profile talent agencies representing union voice actors.

To activate union job posting on your account:
  • Login to
  • Hover your cursor on your avatar from the top navigation of any page
  • Click 'Account Settings' in the drop-down menu that appears
  • Under Access Union Talent Agencies, select the checkbox to activate the ability to post union jobs 
  • Click 'Save Changes' to complete activation
From now on, an option to post a union job will appear under the Find Voice Actors section of your MyHome. You will also be able to search for union talent by clicking the Union filter from the Refine Results sidebar. 

Union Voice Over Talent Rates

When you post a union over job, you are connected with top talent agents who will then provide you with voice actors and SAG-AFTRA voice over rates quoted specifically for your project. 

Is There a Fee for Union Jobs?

Yes, a posting fee of $199 USD applies to union jobs. Posting fees are not application to non-union jobs (posting a non-union job is free). Voices Plus subscribers are able to post an unlimited number of union job postings without the posting fee. Learn more about Voices Plus.

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