Can I view my SurePay deposits using the Android App?

Viewing Deposits in the Android App

If you are using the App on an Android device, you can access the Payments screen by tapping the menu icon at the top-left and then the Payments icon.

In the Payments section you will see a list of your payments showing the Talent name, and the amount of the payment. If you have released funds you will also see the release date.

Tap through to the Payment Details screen to see additional information regarding your payment. 
On the Payment Details screen, you'll see more details such as the voice talent you worked with, the deposit and release dates, as well as the job ID and transaction numbers.

If your deposit has yet to be released you will see a Release Payment button as well as a Go To Job (if you need to refresh your memory).

If payment has already been released, only the Go To Job button will appear. 

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