How Do I Download and Install the Android App?

Installing The Android App

Downloading both free apps and paid apps to your Android is easy. Follow the instructions below for downloading.
  1.  First you will need to create an account on Google Play before you can download any apps. Follow the link below to take you to the sign up page. 
  2. When you sign up, you will need a credit card or payment information. Even if you only download's free app, Google Play will still require your payment information. 
  3. After you are done with this process, you should have a username (email address) and a password. You will need these to download the apps. 
  4. Just search for "" in Google Play and the app listing will come right up. 
  5. Select the app and hit the Install button (it's a free app). 
  6. Once your Android has started downloading the app, a status bar will show up to indicate how long it will take to download (approximately 1 minute.)
 Once it is complete, you can access the new app on your Android in the My Android Apps section of Google Play.

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