How Do I Send a Recording from GarageBand to the iOS App?

With the implementation of the 2.9.2 version of the App for iOS, users can now record in GarageBand and make that recording available for use in the iOS app. 

1) Open GarageBand on your iOS device
2) Tap the “Select” button at the top right. 

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3) Select the GarageBand recording that you want to send to
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4) Next tap the “Share button” on the top left
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4)  A dialog will appear allowing the user to share in various ways. Here the user should select  “Open In…"

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5) Once “Open In…” is selected another screen appears giving the user a chance to enter the Artist Name, Composer Name, Album Name and the Audio Quality.
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6) Select “Medium Quality” and tap “Share”.

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7) The next menu will show all installed apps that can handle the .M4A audio file produced by GarageBand.  Select “Open in”. 
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8) The app will open with a dialog confirming that the GarageBand file is now available for the app to use. Tap "OK" to dismiss the dialog box.

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9). Once the confirmation dialog has been cleared the Saved Audio Files list will be presented, listing any previously saved audio files along with the latest saved audio file at the top. From here you can preview the audio file by pressing "Play" or close the list. 
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10) Your GarageBand file is now available for to use when auditioning via the App or to add to the Demos section of your Profile! 

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