How do I add a GarageBand file to my Profile demos section via the iOS app?

Have you shared your GarageBand file with the App?

If you have not yet shared your GarageBand recording with the app please check out the walk-through here:

How Do I Send a Recording from Garage Band to the iOS App?

Adding a Profile Demo with shared GarageBand files

1) Log into the app and tap "Profile" in the navigation bar (along the bottom on the iPhone or at the left on an iPad). Then tap "Demos".

2) Tap "Add Demo" (at the upper-right in the iPad) or "New" (if using an iPhone).
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3) Tap the "Edit" button.... 
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4) ...and then tap "Use Saved Audio" the dialog box presented.
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Note: If no GarageBand files have been shared with the app the "Edit" button will not be available. A red "Record" button will appear instead.

5) In the Saved Audio Files menu tap the file that you wish to use. You can preview saved files by tapping the "Play" button. 
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Or remove unwanted files by selecting "Edit" and then tapping the red minus sign.
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6) Complete the remaining Demo details and tap "Submit" ("Add" if you are using an iPad).

Editing an Existing Demo

1) Log into the app and tap "Profile" in the navigation bar (along the bottom on the iPhone or at the left on an iPad). Then tap "Demos".

2) Tap the "Edit" button associated with an existing demo...
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Note: If there are no saved audio files the audio player would default to a red Record button on the right hand side.

3) ... and then tap "Use Saved Audio File" from the dialog. 
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6) Select “Use Saved Audio File” to show the list of Saved Audio Files.
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7) From here select an audio file by tapping on the audio file item. Once an item has been selected the “list” will close and the Demo will now have new audio that originated in Garageband!

8) Complete any other edits and tap "Save".

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