How do I view audition responses using the Android App?

Reviewing Responses in the Android App

Once logged into the App, tap menu icon at the top-left and then the Jobs icon. 

Your jobs will be displayed according to their current status:
  • Open
  • Finalizing
  • Working
  • Completed
  • Draft 
Each of these sections can be expanded or collapsed for ease of navigation by tapping on the arrow icon in the section header.

Within the appropriate section, locate the job you wish to view. You'll see the number of responses listed so that you have a quick snapshot of how many people have replied to your job posting. 

Tap the job title to access the job Details, then tap the Responses tab at the top.

On the Responses screen, you'll see a list of voice talent submissions including their name, their quote for your project and a large audio player. Tap the play button to listen to their audition. Once you have done so you can click the "Like" button (the thumbs-up icon) to flag their audition for later review or click the "Award Job" button to hire the talent by making a deposit. 

You can see some additional details by tapping the "More Info" link just below the audio player. Here you will find the proposal written by the voice talent and the "Delete Response" button. 

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