What is Changing with SurePay?

What's Changing with SurePay?

In October of 2016, Voices.com increased the SurePay Escrow Fee for the first time in our history, from 10% to 20%.

The SurePay fee is automatically added to the talent fee on jobs completed through the Voices.com website (this change does not effect projects completed through Professional Services, to which the SurePay fee does not apply).  

In short, when a client posts a job on Voices.com, they are required to enter a Talent Budget amount. Talent submit bids against this amount when auditioning for a job. SurePay is added to Talent bids automatically, to arrive at the total the client will pay if they hire a talent:

Talent fee + 20% SurePay Escrow Fee = Client Total

Talent members will see this calculation take place in the Audition form when replying to a job.

When reviewing auditions, the client will see the total amount (Talent Fee + SurePay Escrow Fee) displayed along with the talent's audition in the "Responses" section of the job posting.  

Please note:  Talent auditioning for jobs may see rates calculated at 10% or 20% in the Audition form. To ensure that SurePay fees are handled consistently, jobs approved before the rate change on October 17th, 2016 will continue to accept bids at the previous SurePay rate of 10%. New jobs created after the rate change will use the new, 20% SurePay rate.

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