What is a Favorite Demo?

Favorite Profiles

Prior to November of 2016, clients could add talent profiles to a personal Favorites list to keep track of any talent that they would like to be able to reference for a later project.

Profiles added to a client's Favorites list displayed the talent's Featured Demo by default.
This was imprecise in that a client might add a talent to their Favorites on the merits of a specific sound-alike demo, but then confusingly encounter something different in that talent's Featured Demo when later referring to their Favorites list.

Favorite Demos

Beginning in November 2016, when a client adds a demo to one of their Favorites lists they are Favoriting that specific demo.
This change allows the client user to be more specific and save as many of a talent's demos as are relevant to their need.

Top 100 Favorites

As previously, the Top 100 Favorites list displays the talent with the most Favorites. The only difference is that Favorites can now come from many demos rather than a single Profile.
The list can be filtered to show the most Favorites This Week, This Month, and All Time.

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