What is a Review?

Understanding Reviews

The review system at Voices.com allows you to see who's rated you, what you've been rated and any comments left for you. Reviews can be accessed from the Profile tab in your account. Reviews can only be obtained through work completed at Voices.com where a SurePay deposit was made by the client.
The Review system has been created so that only those people who've hired you can rate you. Only transactions processed through SurePay will be used in this metric because those are truly the only transactions that we can track and determine as concrete proof of work completed at Voices.com.

What are the benefits of a review system based solely upon financial transactions?
  • All ratings and reviews are associated with a business transaction between a voice actor and a client who worked together at Voices.com.
  • Recognizes people who work professionally and consistently.
  • Quickly identifies voice actors who are hired frequently for their talent and abilities.
  • Acknowledges that work is procured and completed at Voices.com.
  • Signifies the professionalism of a voice actor and dedication to pursuing their craft online.
In the past we did have a more open rating and review system where ratings could be provided through auditions and through visits to member pages. This did not result in valid feedback and due to member requests was removed and replaced with current system.
Clients have the ability to add talent lists of favorites by clicking the Favorite icon when reviewing demos on a talent's profile or when shortlisting talent auditions. Members who have been added to several Favorites lists will end up appearing in the Top Favorites on the Voices.com homepage.

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