Why is Voices.com now offering Union jobs?

Historically, the voice talent we worked with have been freelance from all professional levels. Over time, however - and particularly as we’ve grown - we realized that excluding any portion of the voice over community resulted in limiting their opportunity for work. This includes a particular spoken language, those who hailed from a particular country, or, in this case, voice actors belonging to a union (and the agents representing them). Moreover, considering Voices.com interacts with clients from all over the world, these immense international opportunities were not being made available to union voice actors.

Ultimately, Voices.com’s goal is to connect clients with the voice actors they want to hire. If clients want to hire freelance voice actors, we want to be able to help them. If clients want to hire union voice actors through their agents, we want to be able to help them, too.

To read our CEO's open letter regarding Voices.com and Unions please go to : https://www.voices.com/blog/voices-com-ceo-david-ciccarelli-open-letter-voices-com-unions/


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