Acquisition of

Acquisition of Voicebank

As of June 2018 and Voicebank are united under one brand:

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Read on for more information about the unification of Voicebank and

What happened?

In August of 2017, we were thrilled to share that had acquired Voicebank, a platform that connects advertising agencies with union and non-union talent agencies in the US and Canada.


Why were and Voicebank united?

After the acquisition of Voicebank we met, connected, and spoke with customers and stakeholders from both companies. These conversations all made a couple of things very clear.

Some of what we learned included:

As talent agents, you wanted more opportunity for the voice actors you represent and more access and exposure to producers looking for them and the skills they possess.

As producers, you were looking for one single destination to source all your voice over needs. Whether you were looking to hire professional freelance voice over actors, or those who were unionized, you wanted a ‘one-stop-shop,’ that had the flexibility to provide you with what you needed, on a project-by-project basis.

The solution was clear - Voicebank and needed to come together under one brand. This means that is now the first-ever platform with the power to offer producers access to both unionized SAG-AFTRA members and acclaimed freelance voice over actors.

More Information

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CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience for Talent
Press Release

More Questions?

What does the unification mean for talent agents?
What does the unification mean for producers?

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