Can I buy a higher VoiceMatch?

Explaining Why You Can't Buy a Higher VoiceMatch

No one can buy a higher VoiceMatch; it's the only way for the ranking to have meaning. VoiceMatch is determined by matching the specifications of the job posting and the details of your Profile and Demos

Increasing Your VoiceMatch

The absolute best way to ensure your VoiceMatch scores accurately reflect your skills and abilities is to fully complete your Bio and thoroughly tag each and every one of your Demos.

Points are allotted for demos matching the job Category and Language as well as for Accents, Roles and Styles matching the Sounds Like section of the job posting.

A complete breakdown of the VoiceMatch calculation is available here:
Taking Action
If there is a single point to remember, it's "the more information, the better."  Edit your profile now.

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