Can I update my profile from the App?

Updating Your Profile on the App

Yes! Just like your web page on, your profile on the app has been given the same amount of attention to detail when it comes to design and layout, ensuring that all the most relevant information is in the right place.  Your profile includes three main sections; Bio, Demos and Feedback which you can edit right from your iOS or Android device. 
On your Bio, you can list all your biographical information starting with your Highlights, the first section listed where you can summarized who you are, what you can offer and any achievements or accomplishments you'd like to share. Next, take a few moments to complete the rest of the fields which include; Languages and Accents, Age Ranges, Years of Experience, Microphone, Computer and Special Equipment, and Turnaround Time
 If you've already recorded and uploaded demos to your profile, a list of your demos will be available as well.  If you're new to or haven't yet created a demo recording you can do that too. From the Demos list, simply tap a particular demo you'd like to see more about. On the Demo Details screen displays you'll see a large audio player as well as all the specifics about your demo such as the language, category, tags and number of times that the demo has been listened to. On the Demo Details screen, you can edit any of the text information by clicking the pencil icon to go into edit mode. You can edit the title, language, category and tags. This information is important because it's used in the search engine when a prospective client is looking for a voice talent. As a rule of thumb, the more information the better. 
 Your averaged feedback rating will also be available and displayed below your name across the three sections (bio, feedback and demos) for your profile. Tap the Feedback tab to navigate to the list of the most recent feedback. By default you'll see the 20 most recent feedback ratings and reviews, however you can always load more by tapping the Load button at the bottom. Each Feedback includes a 5-star rating and a brief review, the feedback author as well as the date the feedback was given.

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