Can you refer a good voice acting book?

Reading Great Books on Voice Acting

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get a handle on the voice acting field and voice industry as a whole is to sit down and read a good book. Aside from either going to the local library or ordering a book or voice-over ebook online, there isn't much legwork! Simplicity at its very best. In this solution, we've featured one of the most comprehensive, self-help voice-over career ebooks on the market that benefits both new voice talent and seasoned voice acting professionals.

Voice Acting For Dummies

Voice acting is like acting, but just using your voice! It’s a unique career where the actor’s voice can be heard worldwide in commercials, on audiobooks, in animated movies, documentaries, telephone systems and much, much more. The point is to bring the written word to life with the human voice. With step-by-step explanations, screen shots, and an abundance of examples, this will be the ultimate reference for budding voice actors on recording, producing voice-overs and promoting themselves as a voice actor. The Voice Acting For Dummies book is 384 pages.

Starting with the Basics

Becoming a voice actor, working from your own home recording studio and auditioning for voice-over jobs is within your reach!

Getting into Character

Explore your voice while having a great time! Getting into character is a liberating experience that is both exciting and profitable as a voice actor.

Creating a Demo

Making a demo to share will get your voice into the ears of people who may hire you. Working toward this goal is rewarding!

Preparing for an Audition

Read a script with confidence and pizzazz! Auditioning can be just as much fun as landing the job.

The Definitive Guide to Voice Over Success

This downloadable ebook will help you to build your voice acting career from the ground up, including how to brand yourself, how to record voice-overs, be found on the Internet, promote your voice, make money as a voice actor, operate your business, and give you the encouragement you need to get going. Veteran voice actors will find tips on how to search engine optimize their websites, how to grow an already prosperous business, embrace a new spin on voice-overs, and receive a solid affirmation of their pivotal role in the voice-over world. It's incredible to think that all of this and more is available to you at your convenience. You can learn more about this resource, view actual excepts, and read reviews submitted by professional voice actors by clicking on the link below:

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