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Would it be wise to seek education in this field if I’m truly interested?    

It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself in your career and get a firm grasp of what is expected of a professional voice talent. If you would like to explore the voice over field by doing some preliminary research first, you can visit the websites of professional voice talent, study voice over resources at Voices.com (like the Voices.com Blog), listen to voice over demos online, and visit voice talent chat forums.

Why should I study with a voice acting coach?  

A voice acting coach will help you to focus in on your strengths and develop your talents. Sometimes it takes someone else to let you know where you shine as a voice actor and the areas of voice acting that aren't necessarily your forte.

A voice acting teacher will be able to identify your specialty skills, and if you would like, help you to plan and record your voice acting demo, develop your business acumen, marketing strategies and more.

These preliminary efforts will define your voice acting career at present and help you to provide extraordinary voice acting services to your future clients.

Given how valuable their services are to your development, voice acting coaches charge fees. When selecting a voice coach, don't let their coaching fee be the sole deciding factor regarding whether you study with them or not. The fees that you pay should also provide you with a comfortable learning environment, a teacher who you can relate to, and the voice acting skills that you want to acquire.

Any good teacher will tell you that practice is an essential cornerstone of a successful voice actor's career. Ask your coach about additional voice training opportunities and voice acting workshops.

Here's a quick list of some additional resources:

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