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Why Demos and Portfolio Samples Are Important
Adding a Demo to Your Profile
Adding a Portfolio Sample to Your Profile
Editing or Deleting a Demo or Portfolio Sample
What Does the Heart Mean On My Demos and Portfolio Samples?
Can I See How Many Times My Demo or Portfolio Sample Has been Listened To or Viewed?
Why Won't My Demo or Portfolio Sample Playback On My Profile?
Why Does My Demo or Portfolio Sample Sound Distorted In Your Audio Player?
Why Won't My Demo or Portfolio Sample Upload?

Why Demos and Portfolio Samples Are Important

A Demo or Portfolio Sample is necessary in order for that Skill (e.g. voice over, audio editing, jingles etc.) to be active on the site. Active means you’ve met the minimum criteria to be searchable by clients and matched to jobs best-suited to your skills. 

For example, if you’ve added Audio Production as a Service, and Audio Editing as your Skill within that Service, you’ll need to add a Portfolio Sample to your Audio Editing Skill to make it active. Your Portfolio Samples in additional skills are the equivalent to that of Demos for Voice Over. They are meant to showcase the best of what you have to offer in that particular skill.

Adding a Demo to Your Profile

To upload a demo to your voice over service, click the ‘Edit Profile’ button from the ‘Me’ dropdown. Next, click ‘Voice Over’ from the list of ‘My Services’. Then, click the ‘Demos’ tab. Finally, upload a demo by clicking the ‘+ Add a Demo’ button and follow the onscreen prompts and complete the necessary fields. From there you’ll be asked to upload a demo file from your computer. Once you’re satisfied click the ‘Add Demo’ button, and you’re done!

For more information about this demo upload process, including what each of the associated fields means and how to set a Featured Demo, review this FAQ article.

Adding a Portfolio Sample to Your Profile

To upload a portfolio sample to your audio production, music, or translation service, click the ‘Edit Profile’ button from the ‘Me’ dropdown. Next, click the service that you want to upload a portfolio sample to from the ‘My Services’ list. From there, you can either add a Skill (by clicking the ‘+ Add Skill’ button) or edit an existing one (by clicking ‘Edit Skill’ next to the skill you’d like to upload a portfolio sample skill). If you’re adding a new Skill, follow the onscreen prompts to add it properly. From there you’ll be taken to the Portfolio section. Otherwise, if you’re editing an existing skill, click the ‘Portfolios’ tab to be taken to the Portfolio section.  

Once you’re in the Portfolio section, if you haven’t yet added any samples, you’ll see an empty state titled No Samples Added. To add your first Sample, click on the blue '+ Add Sample' button. This will take you to a longer Skill Portfolio page where you can begin to fill in some details. 

For more information about Portfolio Samples, review this FAQ article.

Editing or Deleting a Demo or Portfolio Sample

To edit a demo, click "Edit Profile' from the "Me" dropdown. From there, click on the service you'd like to edit from the "My Services" list and then on the Demos or Portfolio Samples tab. Once you've found the demo or portfolio sample you'd like to edit, click the "Edit" button. From there you'll be able to update any information you'd like, including replacing the existing (previously uploaded) file with a different one. Once you're satisfied with the changes, click "Save Edits".

To delete a demo or portfolio sample in full, along with all related settings, follow the steps above to access the Edit Demo screen. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red "Delete" button.

Consider carefully before deleting a demo or portfolio sample. Upon delete any Listens or Views associated with the demo or portfolio sample will also be lost.

This action cannot be undone. 

Quick Tip: If you are thinking about updating a demo or portfolio sample consider that the deletion of either will also delete and of the Favorites, Listens, and/or Views that have been applied to that demo or portfolio sample. You may wish to replace the file with an updated file rather than deleting the entire demo or portfolio sample.

What Does The Heart Mean On My Demos and Portfolio Samples?

The heart (❤) icon indicates that a demo or portfolio sample has been added by a client to their Favorites list.

Can I See How Many Times My Demos or Portfolio Samples Have Been Listened To or Viewed?

When you take a look at the public view of your profile, you'll see that for skills in voice over, audio production, or music, a headphones icon with a number next to it will show how many times that demo or portfolio sample has been listened to. For translation, an eye icon indicates how many times a portfolio sample has been viewed.

Voice over talent can also access statistics from the 'Me' dropdown when logged in to their account. 

Why Won't My Demos or Portfolio Samples Playback On My Profile?

For your audio files to play back through the audio they need to be in MP3 format, 128 kbps, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. You will also want to make sure that there are no issues with your original file name as special characters can cause issues with our server.

If your demos and portfolio samples are in the correct format and still will not playback, then what you're experiencing could be isolated to your Internet browser or your Adobe flash software as this is required for our players to work.

  1. Consider updating your web browser to the latest version. This fixes most problems.

  2. Try a different web browser. For instance, if you normally use Internet Explorer, try Google's Chrome Browser.

  3. Update your Flash plug-in at the Adobe Flash website.

Why Does My Demo or Portfolio Sample Sound Distorted in Your Audio Player?

Your sample rate is likely causing the static on the audio playback. Our audio players do not adjust the settings or otherwise convert your audio file after it's uploaded. So if the settings are not ideal for the player, then the playback will sound distorted.

Please make sure that all of your MP3s are using a bit rate of 128 kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. 

Why Won't My Demo or Portfolio Sample Upload?

Our servers only accept MP3 format for demos and audio portfolio samples. The ideal bit rate is 128 kbps and your sample rate should be 44.100 kHz. Demos and portfolio samples should be no more than 1-2 MB in size each. 

If your file meets the above format requirements but still will not upload, then you may need to change the name of the file saved to your computer.

While special characters in the original file names should not cause problems when uploading files, they are an easy fix to prevent any potential issues. As a best practice use only letters or numbers when naming your files. Upper-case letters (A-Z), lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and the underscore (_) in your file names are acceptable. Refrain from putting spaces, hyphens, or dashes in the file name. Instead, use the underscore (_) to separate words.

Use a period (.) only to separate a file name extension from the rest of the name. Do not begin a file name with a period.

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