What is the difference between my free Basic account and Plus or Enterprise?

Voices Basic accounts are free and enable you to post jobs on our marketplace, where you can access hundreds of thousands of creative talent around the world, at no cost. However, with a Basic account you do not have the ability to post Featured Jobs or share custom-branded shortlists.

Voices Plus is an annual subscription plan that provides extra tools to help you get your project done faster, with more flexibility. It includes the ability to automatically post Featured Jobs, giving you responses up to 30% faster. Additionally, with Plus, you can download responses, share custom-branded shortlists, and pay by invoice with 30-day payment terms.

Voices Enterprise is an annual subscription plan that offers creative teams and leaders the tools, hands-on support, and flexibility needed to manage projects at scale via our online marketplace. The subscription provides you with access to our team of in-house experts allowing you to rely on them for 10 fully managed jobs, custom job postings and pre-selected lists of favorites. In addition to everything we offer with Voices Basic and Voices Plus, you will also receive dedicated support and onboarding and instant savings with the processing fee waived with every job.
To compare Voices Basic, Plus, and Enterprise feature by feature, please visit www.voices.com/plans

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