Do I have to stay within the clients budget range?

Determining The Right Price Quote For The Job

Quoting for a job can be the most difficult part of an online audition. requires clients to have a minimum budget of $100 or their job will not be approved. As such, the job interface will not permit quotes less than this amount. Beyond this hard minimum you can quote whatever you like. Whenever possible, be sure to provide a quote within the client's budget range. 

We also suggest that you stand by your own pricing structure if you tend to do similar jobs for a very different price from the proposed budget, then you can choose to submit or not submit.
The figure that you quote will be auto-populated when the client Awards the job allowing clients to immediately make a payment equal to the amount of your audition quote.
If you quote more than the client's budget try to provide the reason why in your proposal.
If the deadline is tight, it is understandable that you would charge a premium for your time. Likewise, depending on the requested method of delivery, your rate may increase, for example studio booking fees or shipping fees.

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