Do you have any recommendations for getting more voice-over work?

Following The Best Practices For Getting More Voice-Over Work

By following these simple guidelines, your experience at will be greatly enhanced in many ways, including your abilities to:

1) Attract qualified clients to your Profile
2) Receive work through the auditioning process
3) Successfully invoice clients when you have landed a job

Your Profile

  • Describe your voice and completely fill out your Profile information.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Upload lots of sample recordings of your voice (at least one demo for each category you are interested in).

Your Auditions

  • Submit a personalized proposal including any questions that you may have about the project.
  • Upload a custom demo using the client's script. If no script has been provided, select a stock demo that suits the client's needs.
  • Quote appropriately (i.e. per project, per page, market size, word count, etc.).

Your Payments

  • Direct your client to use the SurePay service at
  • If you choose not to use SurePay, request a 50% deposit before recording the script and obtain remaining balance due prior to delivery of final work.
  • Follow up with your clients to ensure their satisfaction and to ask for testimonials.

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