Do you need a Voice Over Agent?

Determining If You Need An Agent

When pursuing representation, be sure that you are already established as a professional voice artist, have a book of clients and a variety of professionally recorded voice over demos that highlight your skills. Different talent agents have different perspectives on what ‘ready’ looks like, what kinds of talent they wish to represent, and more. It’s best to connect with an agency or coach directly to learn about getting represented.

Agency representation does not guarantee bookings. Just like using a marketplace, the agent offers guaranteed opportunity, not guaranteed work. An agent will put you forward for opportunities that they feel you are best suited to.

Even if you don't have an agent, you need to be able to think like one. Doing so will help you improve your chances of booking work. Knowing how to evaluate opportunities, being honest about your talent and recognizing your ability to meet a client's requirements are all things you should be able to do regardless.

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