Does automatically approve job postings?

Approving Jobs Automatically does automatically approve some job postings submitted to our site however not all jobs are automatically approved. Sometimes we'll have a customer service employee review those before the jobs are posted to the site and ready to hire.

Determining If A Job Should Be Approved Automatically

In order for jobs to be automatically approved the following criteria must be met:
  1. The job is posted as a Private job. This means only the invited list is notified and has access to the job. These are always automatically approved.
  2. If the job is submitted as a Public job, then the following must be met:
  • SurePay payment history must be present
  • In the profile section - Phone number and About Us must be completed
  • In the job posting form - All fields must be completed (Project Title, Category, Work Description, Language, Gender, Budget and Response Deadline)
  • Script must be attached to the job posting

If all of these criteria are met then the job will be automatically approved. If any of these are not met then the job is placed into a In Review status and then reviewed by a staff member at

If any issues are present within a job posting we ask that talent use the Report Abuse link to report the issue and we will investigate further.

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