Does Have a Vacation Setting?

Vacationing and

If you are going to be away from your studio you can leave a note to that effect via the Vacation Status field.

You can set your status by navigating to your profile thumbnail at the upper-right corner and selecting Account Settings. Scroll down to find Vacation Status at the bottom and enter the dates that you will be unable to record then save your changes.

Please note: This status will appear on your profile from the time you updated it, not from the first day you are unavailable. 

This status will appear on your Talent Profile in the new Status field shown below your profile picture and star rating. The status will automatically clear once the end date has passed, but you can remove or change the date at any time by clicking the trash can.

As a reminder that you have set a status, the Status field is also shown in all of your Profile edit views.

Email Notifications

If you wish, you can also turn off email notifications by clicking on your thumbnail in the upper right hand corner and selecting Account Settings. Scroll down to the header Email Notifications and clear the checkboxes for VoiceMatch invitations and/or Private invitations to turn them off. Click Save Changes to save your settings.

Be sure to turn it all back on when you return so that you do not miss out on anything!

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