Have you begun to roll out VoiceMatch Invitations?

Rolling Out VoiceMatch Invitations

VoiceMatch is a technology developed by Voices.com that includes two parts, namely VoiceMatch Score and VoiceMatch Invitations.

The first step is for our algorithms to score how well matched a voice talent profile is to a job's specifications. You can view how we score profiles here:


Secondly, the VoiceMatch Invitations engine randomly selects a group of talent from those matching profiles and invites them to the job by sending an email.

VoiceMatch Invitations was announced February 10th, 2014 and the roll out began on March 10th, 2014. Our implementation plan calls for a very gradual roll out and will take about 12 months for this project to be completed. Rest assured that there will be no dramatic changes. You should be receiving 99% of the jobs you were receiving last month.

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