How can I send a message to the voice talent?

Sending Messages

In order to contact a talent at Voices via your Messages tab you must have responses to a Self Service job posting. This is to help avoid abuse of our system and reduce spam messages. 
If you have not registered yet, you may do so here:

Using The Ask a Question Feature

If you have posted a Self Service job and have received responses you can use the Ask a Question option.
  1. Go to Jobs > Hiring.
  2. Click the Responses tab.
  3. Locate the talent you would like to send a message to.
  4. Click More Info beneath their audition bar. 
  5. Click Ask a Question.
This will allow you to send an internal message to the talent. No contact information is exchanged through this method and the talent's email address as well as your own remains hidden.

Communicating With Talent That You Have Hired

If you have already awarded your job through our SurePay escrow service, both you and the talent will have access to contact one another easily through the Voices messaging service. These messages are tied to a job and provide a way to keep conversation around a project contained.

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