How can I get my client to use SurePay?

Inviting a Client To Hire You Through

If you wish to guide payment for a proposed project through SurePay you can direct the client back to your profile and have them click on the Invite to Job button. This will allow your client to post a Private job for you at which will allow payment via SurePay. If you are contacted as a result of an audition to a job posted at, the client simply needs to click Hire to get the process started.

Benefits of SurePay for Clients

  1. Talent do not get the money deposited for their services until the client approves files and releases payment. This means guaranteed satisfaction. 
  2. The funds are held in a secure escrow account. 
  3. Clients are dealing with a reputable and well known company. 
  4. Payment for talent services can be made via PayPal or by phone with a major credit card.
Benefits for Talent 
  1. Talent do not have to worry about making payment arrangements, it's all taken care of by
  2. The deposit is made in full and you know the money is waiting for you at the end of your project completion which means you can concentrate on the recording and not worry about the money. 
  3. Appearance of name and link to website in the Recently Hired List.
  4. Ratings and Reviews can be obtained from the client at the end of the transaction.

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