How do I add or upload a demo to my website?

To upload a demo to your profile, please follow the instructions below.

Uploading Your Demo

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on Profile > Demos.
  3. Click the Add A Demo button.
  4. Then click the Select an MP3 to Upload button to find the MP3 file that you want to add from your computer.
  5. If you have selected the wrong file, click the red Delete button. 

Describing Your Demo

  • Demo Title: Add a descriptive title that best reflects the nature of your demo, i.e. Commercials, Real Estate Listings, Telephone Prompts, and so on. 
  • Description: Here you'll want to provide some details about what the listener will hear. You may want to use this area to indicate brand names, characters, or special equipment used. This area is searchable, so be sure to include adjectives and other descriptive elements so that clients can find your demo.
  • Language: Select the language of your demo from the drop down list provided.
  • Accents, Roles and Styles: These are keywords that improve your search results and count toward your VoiceMatch score. You can select up to 3 Accents, 5 Roles and 10 Styles per demo.
  • Category: Choose an appropriate demo category using the drop down list provided for you.
  • Voice Age: Select the age range your voice sounds like in this particular demo.
  • Featured Demo: Check this box if you want the demo to be the main demo displayed on your profile page.
  • Click Save Changes and you're done!

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