How do I submit a custom demo for an audition?

Uploading Your Custom Demo

A custom demo is a voice sample that you have recorded from a client's script for a specific job opportunity. To safeguard custom demos, we recommend reading only a portion of the script or altering it slightly to render the audition file unusable.

Here's how to upload a custom demo:
  1. From within the Job Posting click the green Reply To Job button  
  2. Click on the green Select your Audition MP3 to upload button to locate the file on your computer hard drive 
  3. Once selected, click the blue Start Upload button to pre-load your audition file (if you have selected the incorrect file, click the red Delete button to remove your selection). 
  4. Once the file progress bar shows complete, click Send Audition to submit your audition. 
You will receive a confirmation that your audition was submitted successfully to conclude the auditioning process. A record of your audition will be archived in your Answered folder for future reference.

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