How do I award a job to the talent I selected?

Awarding Your Self Service Job

  1. Click Jobs > Hiring.
  2. Select the appropriate job title.
  3. Click the Responses tab.
  4. Locate the talent you would like to hire and click the green Hire ribbon beside their name.
  5. Make your payment by using a credit card or a Paypal account (this deposit will be held in a neutral escrow account until the job is finished).
  6. Create the Agreement.
Once an Agreement has been saved, the talent will then be notified that they have been awarded the job and can begin working on the project as soon as they accept the Agreement.

Full Service Jobs

If you have posted a Full Service job you will need to let your Account Manager know which talent you wish to hire.  You can always find their contact info in the information tile that appears on the right side of your job posting.

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