How do I get on the Favorites list?

Getting On The Favorites List

The Top 100 Favorites List is a ranking of the voice talent who have been added to our clients' Favorites lists most during the past week, month and all-time.

The reason why some listings in the Favorites list fluctuate vigorously while others do not is relative to the number of times a talent has been added as a Favorite.

Understanding The Ranking

The order of the people in the first ten positions tends to fluctuate less because there are more votes separating each position, thus making it more difficult to crack the top 10.

Conversely, people who are listed in other ranges tend to see their ratings shoot up or down because their number of times being Favorited varies less and perhaps only a few votes separate one person from another. Clients can both add and remove members from their Favorites so that might also be a reason for the fluctuation that occurs.

Auditioning Helps Get Your Name Out There

One of the easiest ways that a voice talent can climb this list is to be added to a client's Favorites through the auditioning process. If someone isn't auditioning for work or auditions rarely, they stand less of a chance of being heard, identified as someone with a great voice, and ultimately added to a client's Favorites.

Not to give too much secret sauce away, but some talent take care to speak directly through their proposals or on their profiles to clients and specifically mention that if the client likes what they hear (whether an audition or voice over demo at the website) to add them to their Favorites list for future reference.

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