How Do I Get On The Top 100 Lists?

There are four Top 100 lists featured on Voices, each with different criteria determining which talent appear on a given list.
Here is a breakdown of each one and how our talent members become featured on each list: 
Recently Hired List:  
The Recently Hired list showcases the top 100 talent who have completed a job through the Voices SurePay service. Talent who have completed work outside of the SurePay service do not appear on the list and cannot be manually added to it. The list is updated every five minutes.  
New Voices List:  
This list features new members of Voices and those who have most recently renewed their memberships. The names on this list change frequently in real-time as memberships are activated or renewed.  
Most Listens List:  
Voices clients can search for and listen to talent demos. Whether they click 'play' from the Search results or visit a talent's Demo list each listen counts! The talent whose demos receive the most listens appear on this list. This list updates in real-time.

Favorites List:  
Voices clients can shortlist talent they would like to work with by clicking on the Save to Favorites function when searching through our directory. The talent whose demos are saved most often as client Favorites appear on this list. This list updates in real-time.
Both the Most Listens and the Favorites lists can be further sorted by All Time, This Week and This Month.

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