How do I get paid using SurePay?

Getting To Know SurePay

SurePay™ Escrow Service is the online payment service provided by Voices, that processes client payments and distributes funds to voice talent for work that is completed. SurePay™ Escrow Service utilizes a third party bank account to hold client payments until the client has approved the completed work and authorized Voices to pay the talent. SurePay helps ensure a risk-free financial transaction for both client and talent, protecting the client so they receive the work they were paying for, and protecting the talent so they get paid for the work completed.

Selecting Your Payment Preference

You can select your payout preferences by clicking on your profile picture at the top-right and then selecting SurePay Settings from within the drop-down menu, or by clicking the link below:

Getting Paid by PayPal

PayPal is a fast, secure way to accept payments online.  If you'd like to receive your earnings from Voices by PayPal, then select this option on the Billing Preferences page.  If you have not entered a PayPal email address payment will be sent via PayPal to your contact email address.

Getting Paid by Check

Alternatively, if you'd like to receive your earnings from Voices by check we will send you a corporate check in US dollars in the mail.  If you select Check as your payout preference you will need to make sure you have completed your full mailing information in your contact information. Add your mailing address here:

Waiting For Pay Day

SurePay payments are issued on a weekly basis. Funds released by the client between Saturday and Friday will be paid out on the following Friday.

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