How do I invite talent to a voice over job?

Inviting Talent To Audition For Your Job

Have some specific talent in mind for your next voice over project? There are a number of ways that you can invite individual talent to your job posting.

Inviting Talent To A Professional Service Job Posting

If you are submitting a Professional Service job through your Account Manager you can simply note any talent of interest in your correspondence with them.

Inviting Talent To A Self Service Job Posting

You have 3 options at Voices to invite talent to your Self Service job posting.
  1. Create a Private job for one talent to reply to. This is done by clicking on the Invite to Job button a talent's profile page. Only the selected talent will be notified and able to view the job details and respond with a custom audition.
  2. Create a Public job for all talent who match your requirements of gender, language and recording category. This is done through any of the Post Job links on the site.
  3. Invite talent to respond to an existing job posting. Once again, click on the Invite to Job button in the talent search results or from a talent's profile page. Then, drop down your list of job postings, select and confirm. This will send an invite to the talent to audition for that particular job posting.
Please note that how you initially create a job posting will determine the type of job (Private or Public), regardless of subsequent invitations. That is, a job created as Public (using the Post a Job link) will always be Public and a job created as Private (using the Invite to Job link) will remain Private, even if additional talent are added using Invite to Job > Existing Job.

If you are ever in doubt, save your posting as a Draft and give us a call. We will be able to see whether it is Private or Public and change that setting if necessary.

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