How do I post or edit a job using the Android App?

Posting a Job Using The Android App

A job is a project that requires a voice-over recording. Usually dozens of voice talent will apply for these job postings. 
Posting a job will allow you to receive MP3 voice-over demos and price quotes from a variety of voice-over professionals. It is quick and easy to do. Our job posting service is free and yields fantastic results. 

Managing Your Jobs 

To post a job, tap the New Job icon which will bring you to the job posting form. Please complete all of the fields.

For quoting purposes, our voice talent members request that you provide as much information as possible regarding your company, the nature of your project, the length of the script and what your company has budgeted for voice-over work. 
Vocal direction and a sample script are also very helpful. If you do not require a sample read of your script, please note that in the details section of the job posting. 

Changing The Job Information 

You have the ability to edit your job posting right from within the App. Tap the Jobs link, locate the job you want to edit and tap the job. 
On the Job Details screen, simply touch the Edit icon which will flip you into edit mode. Make your changes, and then click Save.

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