How do I reply to a job posting using the iOS App?

Replying To Jobs From Your iPhone or iPad

To review available job postings, tap Jobs in the navigation bar (along the bottom on the iPhone or at the left on an iPad).

Open jobs will be listed at the top, followed by Answered, Finalizing and Working jobs. For ease of navigation, each section can be collapsed or expanded as desired by tapping the small arrow accompanying the section title. If the list appears to be showing older jobs, swipe downward from the top of the list to refresh it. 

To reply to a job from the Open list, tap the job. 

On the Details screen, you'll see all the specifics about the job including:
  • Job ID
  • Category
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Union Requirement
  • Word Count
  • Budget
  • Posted Date
  • Deadline
You'll also see a Sample Script as well as the Job Description. To respond, just tap the green, Reply To Job ribbon at the top of the posting (top right on the iPhone, top left on the iPad). 

Submitting Auditions 

The audition includes three parts; your proposal, your quote and your recording. Start by typing out a brief message in the proposal area as to why you are a great candidate for this job. Remember to be professional and express your sincere interest in working for this client. 
Enter your quote for the project. The SurePay fee will be added to your price and is paid for by the client. SurePay is a secure payment service where the payment is held on deposit until the work is completed. 
Lastly, and most importantly, select a recording to be attached with your response. You can either select a demo that you're currently featuring on your profile if there's no script from the client, or you can create a new recording using the built-in audio recorder and your iPhone or iPad microphone. 
Once you've completed the proposal, quote and recording, click Submit Audition and you're done!

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