How do I search for voice talent on the Android App?

Searching for Voice Talent on Your Android

To get started, tap the Search button in the navigation bar. At the top of the Search screen, you'll see a search bar where you can search our marketplace of 100,000 voice-over talent from around the world. Search by keyword, language, gender and more. 

Browsing by Category

Alternatively, if you know the category of audio samples you'd like to listen to, just tap the category icon. 

Learning More About a Talent 

If you hear a voice talent you might like to work with, tap through the search result to see their complete profile. Each profile is made up of three parts; Bio, Demos, Feedback
  • The Bio lists all the talent's biographical information such as their work experience, credits, skills and recording studio set-up. 
  • The Demos tab showcases audio samples of the voice talent. Each demo includes a title, description and options to share by email, Facebook or Twitter. 
  • The Feedback tab reveals ratings and reviews that the voice talent has received from work they completed through 

Taking The Next Step

To move ahead and contact a talent? Simply tap the Invite to Job button at the top of the profile.

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