How Do I Share Auditions?

Sharing Auditions

Client accounts (Personal or team) have a Share Responses button which will allow them to personalize a page with selected information and auditions they would like to share as a clickable link.  

To create this link:

1. Click on Jobs > Hiring and Click the job number that you want to share auditions from
2. Click the Responses tab
3. Select the auditions you would like to share and click the green Share Responses button
4. If you would like to download auditions and customize branding, click Get Share Add On in the blue bar and enter your credit card information on the next page
5. Select which components you would like to include in the link. If you opted to purchase the SHARE add-on in step 4, you will have access some additional components and features in this step.
6. Click Save 
7. Click View to see the URL to send to your client

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