How do I turn off email notifications?

Stopping Email Notifications

In order to stop all email notifications, you will need to select "unsubscribe" on one of the emails we send you.  Please be aware that doing so will shut off all automated emails from our server, including those regarding awarded jobs.

Opting Back In

When you would like to turn them on again, please give us a call or email support at Voices requesting to be opted back in.

Reducing Notifications From Jobs Within Specific Budget Ranges

Alternatively, you can un-check your budget range preferences and you will no longer be sent job posting email notifications. You will still receive all other server notifications such as when you are awarded a job. Private jobs postings will override budget range limitations.

To update your notification settings, navigate to your Profile thumbnail at the top-right and click Account Preferences. Clear the checkmark from any budget range for which you no longer require notification and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, login now to update your email notification preferences.

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