How does the Surepay Escrow payment system work?

Using SurePay

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how the SurePay Escrow service works from beginning to end.
  1. Client posts a job.
  2. Talent audition for the job.
  3. Client reviews auditions, clicking Hire and making a deposit that is equal to the Client Total displayed in the talent's audition response.
  4. Immediately on completion of deposit the client is asked to create an Agreement. At this stage the client can upload a new script or send the original script if posted to the job. Once the Agreement has been submitted the job is then moved into a status of Finalizing
  5. Talent is notified of the interest of the client and is asked to review the Agreement which means accepting or declining the payment and delivery terms. You can view any files via the Files tab of your account in the event the client has attached more. 
  6. At the Finalizing stage you just need to confirm your delivery date and fee. 
  7. Once you accept the Agreement the project will move into Working mode and you will be able to upload your files. 
    As you upload files the client can Request Edit or Approve the file. Approval of files is independent of the release payment function. This allows you to deliver files alternatively but still accept payment through 
  8. The client has a Release Payment button to authorize the release of the deposit to the talent. This can be clicked before any files are uploaded which means talent can deliver work alternatively but the client can still release payment via . 
  9. Talent can Request Release of Payment via their own Payments tab for clients who have not taken the initiative.
  10. Once payment has been authorized for release, is notified and we will send you payment via the preferred method selected in your account under Billing Preferences.
SurePay payments are issued on a weekly basis. Funds released by the client between a given Saturday and Friday will be paid out on the following Friday.

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