How does the search engine work?

The Search Engine

The search engine is driven by the contents of your profile and audio files and works similarly for on both the freelance and union marketplace.

For best results, be sure to complete your profile accurately including a description, gender, age, language and union status. Tags selected from the drop down list are not searchable at this time however the description you write for each of your demos is. Also ensure that you're assigning a language and age range to each of your uploaded demos.

Note: Only in the freelance marketplace search, ff there are multiple results in a search, members are displayed in order of membership type. These being: Platinum, Premium, and then Guests.

Which Demo Shows Up?

As you may know, you are able to select a Featured Demo at that will appear on each talent's profile page (freelance or union). That being said, your selected Featured Demo is NOT necessarily the one presented in search results, as the method of search dictates which voice over demos are presented.

Here are a few things that you should know about this feature:
  1. Language overrides Featured Demo
  2. Category overrides Featured Demo
  3. Age Range overrides Featured Demo

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