How to I add demos to my profile using the Android App?

Adding Demos To Your Profile Using The Android App

Showcase your skills by adding a sample recording of your voice. If you've already recorded and uploaded a voice-over demo, you'll see a list of your demos here. 
If you're new to or haven't created a demo recording yet, you can record your voice using this app! 
Editing an Existing Demo 
On the Demo Details screen, you can edit any of the text information by clicking the pencil icon to go into edit mode. You can edit the title, language, category, description and tags. This information is important because it's used in the search engine when a prospective client is looking for a voice talent. As a good rule of thumb, the more information the better. 
Now For The Best Part! 
One of the most amazing features of the Android App is the ability to record a new demo and have it featured on your profile and in the search engine. Using the Android's built-in microphone, you can record a sample of your voice. 
To get started, click the Add Demo button (the plus sign) at the upper-right and click on the red record button. You'll be presented with the recording studio. 
The Studio is divided into two main sections; the Script and the Recorder. 
On top, you have a script library available. Click Choose Script to access a variety of sample scripts to use for your demo. Scroll up and down to find a script you'd like to record. Tap the script to populate it in the script window. 
On the bottom, you'll see the Recorder. The Recorder includes a prominent record button, a play button and scrub bar to fast-forward and rewind through the recording, time-stamp indicators and a level meter.

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