I attached the wrong file to an audition! How can I send another response?

Replacing Your Audition File

If you have accidentally attached the wrong file to an audition, you can simply replace the file by following these steps: 
  1. Click Jobs > Answered.
  2. Click the job number or title of the job to which the wrong audition was submitted.
  3. Make sure that you are in the My Audition tab and click the Edit Audition button.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Select Your Audition MP3 to Upload.
  5. Locate the correct file on your computer and click Open.
  6. At any time while the upload is in progress you can click the red Delete button if you have selected the wrong file.
  7. Once the upload is complete, click Update Audition.

Be Smart! 

  • Use the 'Preview Audition' feature to ensure you have the correct file attached.
  • Updating Your Audition File? Ensure you’ve only recorded a portion of the script to protect your work.
  • Uncomfortable? If a client’s request seems odd, reach out to us at support@voices.com for help or advice.



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