I just got the job notification so how are there so many responses?

Understanding Why There May Be Many Responses Right After A Job Is Posted

I just got the job notification so how have so many people already responded ?
The first few auditions for just about any job tend to be what can be referred to as "fire and forget" responses. Talent who use a generic demo and a template response can keep response time to less than 1 minute per job. The higher the budget, the more of this type of response we see in the first few minutes after posting.

This method sacrifices a personalized response and a custom demo in favor of auditioning for as many jobs as possible and is (for the most part) a holdover from the days when auditions were presented to the client in order of submission. With the implementation of VoiceMatch in the spring of 2012 submissions are now returned in VoiceMatch order (highest to lowest) rather than in submission order. 

To read more about VoiceMatch, click here: http://www.voices.com/company/technology/voicematch

That said, you absolutely can and should speed up your response time where possible. A good start is to ensure that you've created multiple audition templates so that you're not typing out every message to every client. You may edit these accordingly when submitting. You can create new templates and edit or delete old ones by navigating to Messages > Templates.
Also, ensure that you have multiple demos uploaded to your profile that can be sent in lieu of a custom demo. Not every job is posted with a script, so having a Profile demo ready to go will save time when one is absent (and having more Demos with Accents, Roles and Styles selected makes you easier to find in the Search Engine and can boost your VoiceMatch score!)

Another factor that could be affecting you is your email provider and the amount of time it takes for them to deliver messages. All of our job notification emails contain a time stamp when they leave our server. Notifications are generated, queued and sent a few seconds after a job is approved. To ensure that your notifications are not delayed or redirected as spam try adding "no-reply@voices.com" to your Contacts or Safe Sender list.

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