Is this a highly competitive field?

Recognizing The Competitive Nature of The Field

The voice-over market used to comprise of several thousand professional voice-over talent. Now, the number has grown to the tens of thousands. 
To answer your question, yes, this is a highly competitive field to participate in. Here are a few suggestions that will increase your odds of success: 
  1. Find a good teacher. A solid practical background will set you apart in your style, technique, and build up your confidence as a professional voice talent. Voice coaches will also give you the positive and constructive feedback that you may not receive from clients or other talents. 
  2. Educate yourself. There are ample resources available to you regarding voice-overs, for example, you could be reading magazines, books, researching chat forums, and visiting online voice-over websites to learn the industry ropes. 
  3. Establish yourself as a voice talent that performs a specialty service. For example, there are talent that only perform telephone voice-overs or talent that only provide voice acting services for animated characters. These areas of expertise are also called niches. 
  4. Network with your peers. Trade website links and join directories to get your name out. Attend socials and conferences to connect with fellow voice-over talents and voice actors in person to share common experiences, shake a few hands, and gain trade secrets / insight from each other. 
  5. Partner with a recording studio. If you don't have the technical expertise or finances to setup your own recording studio, you can opt to start out by partnering with a professional recording studio. This option is quite popular with aspiring talent because the startup fees are less than investing in your own studio right away. If you're able to, setup an agreement with the studio that would give you a small discount in exchange for your loyalty to their recording facility.

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